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Meganvandyne about 20 hours ago

Smoked Salmon Spread

This is a seriously decadent dish for salmon lovers! I have made my own version of this dish for years and am always hesitant to try it at restaurants, because frankly it's never as good as what I make. Let me tell you, this is the only salmon spread I have found that measures up!!

Meganvandyne about 20 hours ago


This pizza has really great flavors, however I would ask for extra sauce if you are really looking for the peanut sauce flavor. It was there but all the other amazing flavors slightly overpowered the peanut sauce.

Meganvandyne about 20 hours ago

Ridge Run Stout

This is our go to dark beer when the seasonals that we love are not available. It offers very little bitterness, which is what I look for in a dark beer and deep bold flavors.

Meganvandyne about 20 hours ago

Imperial Maple Porter

This is a dark beer fans dream come true!! I'm a very picky dark beer drinker and this beer holds a special place in my heart. This is the beer that introduced me to Backwoods Brewing! I love it for that and so many other delicious reasons! It has a deep and subtly sweet flavor with no bitterness at all, which is what I look for in my dark beer.

Meganvandyne about 20 hours ago

Little Logger

This my daughter's favorite pizza. She is normally a cheese only pizza kid, but she LOVES this pizza!

Meganvandyne about 21 hours ago

El Patron

This is our go to pizza and id a crowd pleaser for sure! We order one pretty much every single time we are at Backwoods.

Austinholtmann20 1 day ago


Taste of pizza...check Taste of beer...check Taste of desert...check They have it down!

Abbsfrogg 2 days ago

Red, White and Blue

Love their pizza! Lots of toppings and full of flavor! Whenever we come out to the Gorge, we have to stop by for pizza and beer!

Ldgulliksen 4 days ago

Smoky BBQ Pork

Why do I have to choose one??? I've been to Backwoods a lot, we've tried just about everything on the menu and We love it all! The food is amazing! The beer is amazing! The staff is amazing! It's my number 1 brewery for beer, food and service! Thanks for all that you All do!

Erinminnis 6 days ago

NW Fiesta Salad

Absolutely the best salad out there. Its definitely a family favorite!!

Snowdenatv 7 days ago

Italian Sub

It was my first time going to the Carson, WA location. The Italian Sub was awesome. It came out hot the bread was nice and soft. I will be back to try the pizza soon.

Vikingmom46 9 days ago

Twisted Caesar Salad

This is a great salad - my favorite way to eat a Caesar salad. They put the right amount of dressing to coat each bite and the cranberries and nuts are the perfect toppings. Yum!

Guest 12 days ago

Pecan Pie Porter

So Smooooooooth!

Petersonjessica028 14 days ago

Hungry Logger

Hungry logger is the perfect pizza when you want an equal amount of meat and veggies. Pizzas are always generous is toppings and absolutely delicious. Especially when paired with the beer offered At backwoods!

Vgheacock 15 days ago

NW Fiesta Salad

There is so much flavor in this salad it is surprising. So good. And, it goes well with pizza too......doen't Get better than that!

Vgheacock 15 days ago

The Spar Tree

Pretty much a vegetarian pizza that is soooooo delicious that you have to have more. All pizzas have great crusts BTW.

Joseph 17 days ago

Pecan Pie Porter

Looking for some molasses notes, but a nice brew none the less.

Shay.Wearly 21 days ago

Pepperoni Express

Top notch pizza and excellent appetizers (the hummus won't disappoint you!). Best of all the staff make it a happy energetic yet relaxing atmosphere to devour all the deliciousness in. You top that mix with one of their damn good beers...or's heaven.

Meganvandyne 23 days ago

Blazin' Buffalo Chicken

This is a unique and delicious pizza! I love the laid back and dog friendly environment. Backwoods is our "Happy Place "! I can't say enough good things about Backwoods Brewery!

Jordancampbell85 25 days ago

Blueberry Wheat

Blueberry wheat is one of my favorite beers, along with the blueberry sour! A mix of the 2 is a blast of flavor🥰 not to mention the staff is always knowledgeable about the beers on tap and the food as well! Never had an issue here

Meganvandyne about 20 hours ago


I'm usually a dark beer girl, but I love me a dreamsicle! So, I had to try this beer and it was definitely worth it! This is a beer for the hot days of summer and is the adult version of the dreamsicle from your childhood!

Meganvandyne about 20 hours ago

Smoky BBQ Pork

This pizza is like a pulled pork sandwich with a kick! The flavors are out of this world!! Definitely a favorite.

Meganvandyne about 20 hours ago

Pecan Pie Porter

Another dark beer win! This beer iffe offers the deep dark flavor I LOVE without even a hint of bitterness. The slightly sweet pecan pie flavor you get from this beer is delightful any time of year, but particularly in the fall.

Meganvandyne about 20 hours ago

House Made Beer Pretzel Sticks

These are one of our favorites, but we absolutely love the cheese dip that comes with them.

Meganvandyne about 20 hours ago

Garlic Bread Sticks

We usually get the pretzel sticks, but my husband ordered the garlic bread sticks by mistake, so we added the cheese dip, because let's be real that's what we really want! What a game changer!! We will be ordering that combo again!

Meganvandyne about 21 hours ago


A delicious combination of flavors that are unique and satisfying!

Andywolcottisme 2 days ago

Pepperoni Express

The beer and food is always great! At worst it's just good.

Gooners9500 3 days ago

5" Hawaiian Pizza

Backwoods has the best pizza in the PNW... Amazing crust and flavours. And to be able to wash it down with amazing beer.. Whether Off the Grid or a log yard.. Makes my day everytime we make the hour driveb which we do quite often now, as its out favourite Pizza and Beer place...

Danconeill77 6 days ago


Look here, everything Backwoods serves is insanely good. Pizzas are always a go to for our family of 5, but when dad gets to order something special I go straight to the brisket. Soft, not chewy and always balanced with a solid Smokey flavor it pairs up perfectly with a Pecan Pie Porter or the seasonal IPA's served with a smile. It also helps the kiddos get to color and play tic tac toe while we wait... which isn't that long btw. Service is pretty quick!

Emilie.Ruehs 7 days ago

Into the Backwoods We Gose

Backwoods is a must stop on your trip through the Gorge! If you happen to go on a warm, sunny day the patio seating is a must. I tried a sampler, and was pleased with every single taster I got! The staff are super friendly and attentive. We didn't order food, but everything coming to the tables around us looked amazing (especially the pizzas and salads)! We will most definitely be back for a full meal!

Nicvandom815 9 days ago

BBQ Pulled Pork

Amazing pizza! We got half chicken pesto and half pulled pork our favorite was the chicken, the pesto sauce was bomb! You can tell they use quality ingredients and don't skimp on the toppings. Service was extra friendly and very accommodating to our one year old daughter. Will definitely be back and are excited to try their portland location.

Skrandalljjj 9 days ago

5" Pepperoni Pizza

There pizza is amazing, there salads are even better. And to top it off with one of there beers, it doesnt get much better. The service is always good. Its always a treat when we get to go there.

Chall9 13 days ago

5" Pepperoni Pizza

Delicious pizza! We ordered 3 for our group, paired perfectly with their IPA.

Biancasantino 15 days ago

El Patron

The pizza is bomb and the beer is even better! Moved to the area from Vancouver a year ago and being near the Carson Backwoods is one of my favorite benefits of the move! They have excellent service and dog-friendly in the warmer months with outdoor seating.

Vgheacock 15 days ago

Backwoods Salad

The sign of a potentially good salad is when the greens are bold with color. The salads here come out and you know just by looking that the ingredients are fresh....and so far.....all have been delicious as well

Vgheacock 15 days ago

Bakin Chicken

The pizzas are all very good. This one has flavors that combine so perfectly. YUMMMMMMM

Vuozzoeric 18 days ago

Pa Dale's Chicken Sandwich

Amazing taste!

Lianalluker 23 days ago

Backwoods Salad

I absolutely love Backwoods!! My favorite spot for pizza beer and salad. Their Maple spinach salad is the bomb! My favorite combo is the maple spinach salad, Tropic Thunder pizza and of course 1 or 2 blueberry wheat beers ❤️

Rochellehfraley 23 days ago

Blazin' Buffalo Chicken

Pizzas are fantastic, great service and fantastic beer! We love backwoods!


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