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Shartimis 3 days ago


Absolutely delicious pizza with a nice crispy (but not hard) crust. Perfect pairing with a beer. Always my first choice after a hike! Thank you Backwoods!!!!

Janice 8 days ago

Hungry Logger

You guys have the best pizza in the Gorge! We love your venue, your pizza, and the fact that not every dark beer has to have a weird flavor. Seriously, thank you so much for just making a stout a stout and a brown ale a brown ale.

Mistikwhite 10 days ago

Big City Burger

Good burger. Little pricey.

Alishadleach 12 days ago

Pecan Pie Porter

Great beer and great service. This place never disappoints.

Heather 15 days ago

Logyard IPA

By far my guys favorite beer! We try to come down from Vancouver a couple times a month to eat here! However the refrigerator at home always has Logyard on hand! Love this place and love the service!

Nicholesmith 19 days ago

Garlic Bread Sticks

We love these breadsticks! Great seasoning and decent marinara. It was the perfect amount to share, and held us over till our mouth-watering pizza arrived!

Krystle 24 days ago

Hungry Logger

Backwoods is always our place to go when we are out hiking in the gorge. Their pizza is amazingly delicious, the beer is great and the atmosphere is perfect. We love stopping by after a grueling hike to devour a tasty pizza.

Brittanyleupold11 25 days ago

NW Fiesta Salad

This is one of the best salads I have ever had! The jalapeno ranch dressing is spicy but to die for! I also have not found a beer I don't like! The service is pretty good, but the bathrooms could use more attention.

Amyleistiko about 1 month ago

Tree Hugger

The pizza at backwoods is hands down the best! I am lucky enough to live locally, but I work in town and tell all my clients to make the beautiful drive to Carson for Backwoods pizza and beer. A year ago I became vegetarian and I love their veggie pizzas just as much as I loved their meat options. All are delicious. And their desserts. Seasonal and amazing!! Their cobblers are delicious!! And their beer. . . . Well there isn't even anywhere to begin. All are fabulous. My hubby and I wait all year for our different seasonal favorites! Right now mine are the pecan porter and the barley wine. The tequila cut is hands down our summer time staple.

Pattison about 1 month ago

BBQ Pulled Pork

The food was delicious and the staff very friendly. Definitely recommend trying the blueberry wheat beer or dreamsicle

Carribery2 about 1 month ago

Pulled Pork Nachos or Tot-chos

Never had nachos with pulled pork on them, was definitely unsure BUT Holy Nachos Batman! They were the best nachos I've seriously ever had! Look forward to having them again!

Dan about 1 month ago

Winchester brown

I couldn't stop say that this beer was amazing

Rick about 1 month ago


Incredible beer! Just the right balance of Hops, Vanilla and Sunny D. These guys know what they are doing! I have been here numerous times and can always find a beer that fits my mood. Keep up the good work and I will continue to show up.

Vela about 1 month ago

BBQ Pulled Pork

The best pizza and beer combinations in the gorge. And the pumpkin cobbler was a plus!!!

J about 1 month ago


This is one of my all time favorite beers, it is like dessert in a glass! It's smooth, crisp, and the perfect refresher on a warm day. It is well worth the drive out to the Carson location, the atmosphere is the perfect setting to enjoy a beer with friends!

Savannahthreads about 1 month ago

Mac & Cheese

Ok, I know this is on the kids menu but I get a big bowl of mac and cheese and it feels like home. If you need comfort food this is it, paired with a good beer and you won't think twice.

Kwert about 1 month ago

Pesto Chicken

Great location, awesome atmosphere in the restaurant, and friendly staff! We had a huge group and they were so great to accommodate us and keep us all happy while we were there.

Careycerto about 2 months ago

5" Cheese Pizza

Backwoods is my all time favorite brewery. I've been to the Carson brewery many times and love the pizza and, of course, the beer. The pizza crust is always crisp and the sauce is not overwhelming. I freakin' love the Pecan Pie Porter beer and anxiously await it's arrival every season. Go to Carson, eat, drink & be merry, then explore the amazing forest the tiny town of Carson is surrounded by.

Katiecordelia about 2 months ago

Hummus Platter

This tastes amazing! There is a lot of flavor to the hummus and the little red peppers add a great spice, plus it is a good sized portion for the price.

Psrappa about 2 months ago

Pecan Pie Porter

Ohhhhhh Myyyyyyyy Goooooorsh!!!!! The beer is freaking amazing! I love pecan pie but... I love this beer better!🍻 PS... Do you can this and can we get this back in Montana? pleeeeeease let us know! ☺️🍺Gigi 406-270-0969

Janetbiles 7 days ago

Soup Of The Day

Great soup options daily.

Richard 10 days ago


Classic!!! Really good!!!

Paulrjanssen 11 days ago


The Backwoods BLT is a winner. Thick toast and big slabs of bacon make this a solid sandwich. I balanced it out by subbing the salad, but soup or chips would complement this deliciousness either way! I topped mine off with the fabulous, seasonal Pecan Pie Porter! Yum!

Paulawbutler55 13 days ago

BBQ Pulled Pork

OMG! Seriously the best pulled pork anywhere, but how do you choose between the pizza and the pulled pork? Impossible, so be sure to go there with at least one friend so you can mooch a pice of pizza to eat along with your sandwhich. At least you can easily have more than one kind of beer - Winchester Brown and Pecan Pie Porter are my very favorites! We stopped by while the Carson location was just finishing completion, were welcomed in even though they weren't really open, and have been loyal fans ever since. Love Backwoods!

Fawcett 18 days ago

NW Fiesta Salad

Had this salad with chicken and a pumpkin spice cider! It was a great! And my friend loved the Dreamsicle beer so much she brought a large growler home! Perfect place to stop after a hike!

Aliciastewart16 20 days ago


Love love love this place 💖💖💖

Hawk 24 days ago

The Reuben

Every time we go through the gorge, it's difficult to not make a side trip for a flight of samples and a sandwich. I spend some time looking at which items I'd like to try, but it's always difficult to not pick The Reuben. Growing up with sauerkraut on sausages is probably a good precursor to my favorite pub fare on toast. Just the right zesty spiciness and a large portion (a bit too much to eat, so I finish it anyway).

Westcoastchick 29 days ago

El Patron

The best pizza on the planet, so good I wish I could eat the large all by myself . If nachos and pizza had a baby

Pattison about 1 month ago


Food was delicious and the staff are amazing. I've yet to find a beer I don't like at backwoods. Great merchandise for sale and don't forget to ask about their current sticker

Themcvicks about 1 month ago

Blazin' Buffalo Chicken

We'd visited the location in the Pearl a few weeks back, but decided to take a day trip up the Gorge and check out the Carson location. After enjoying a flight to sample some very tasty brews and a delicious smoked salmon dip appetizer, we ordered pints and a large Blazin' Buffalo Chicken pizza. It was a hard decision, but WOW. Blew us away! We highly recommend everything! The service was fast and courteous. Wonderful, out-of-the-way destination for beer and food.

Tracireed89 about 1 month ago

House Made Beer Pretzel Sticks

These pretzel sticks with this cheese makes the trip worth it every single time!!!

Hoops350z about 1 month ago

Pecan Pie Porter

The Pecan Pie Porter is now my favorite Porter beer. I can taste the caramel and pecan flavors in the brew and it is so smooth. I also had the fried pickles and cuban sandwich. Both we equally as tasty and the portions are pretty big which I like. I have been telling all my friends to come try this place since I first did not long ago. I will be coming back to try even more brews and food and re visit my favorites.

Elisabet about 1 month ago

BBQ Pulled Pork

Can't get enough of this place! Amazing food and Great Beer! What else could be a better?!

Nicholesmith about 1 month ago

Timber Beast

This is my favorite pizza, totally worth the hour and 20 minute drive out. My husband and I make the drive out there from the Vancouver area just to get this pizza! Also, their beers are top notch. Dreamsicle, I'm lookin' at you! Holla at yo girl!

J about 1 month ago

Timber Beast

This is my favorite pizza of all time. We make the hour and 20 minute drive out as often as we can just to get this pizza. Absolutely worth it. As are their beers. Dreamsicle, I'm lookin' at you! Holla at yo boy! Love this place!

Logue about 1 month ago

OFF Grid IPA: Upper Falls Creek

Excellent IPA. Great tropical and pine flavor, solid malt balance. Very drinkable. Yum.

Ietriathlete about 1 month ago


After four years, my wife and I are coming back to OR to celebrate our two year anniversary by reliving our first date - a hike north of the Skamania Lodge followed by throwing down the best Thai pizza I've ever had. It's got just the right amount of spice and flavor, keeping you still in the pizza realm, but giving you all that wholesome Thai flavor. Can't wait to enjoy it again in 3 day!

Quiltedm about 2 months ago

Red, White and Blue

Best Pizza Ever! Love the Carson location. Great Atmosphere and Great Service!

Juls0822 about 2 months ago

Tree Hugger

Great Pizza every time!! This time we had the Tree Hugger with olive oil and garlic instead of red sauce and added pepperoni. Along with a glass of the Pecan Pie Porter! YUM! The staff are always friendly and attentive. We appreciate how clean things are kept as well!! Right down to wiping down the cheese shakers!! We are from Eastern Washington and make a point of coming to Backwoods when we drive down the Gorge!! We love Backwoods!!!

Lbmetteer about 2 months ago

House Made Beer Pretzel Sticks

The pretzels are fresh and soft, but the cheese is the real star here. It's served up nice and warm and the flavor is amazing. You won't regret ordering this mouth-watering yumminess!


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