Backwoods COVID-19 Survival Blog

Welp, this has been a crazy few weeks.

The climate went from a little chatter to fearful customers to banned dining areas to stay at home orders within such a short time frame that we have barely had the chance to catch our breath while reacting to such frequent changes.

In the few moments that we have been able to stop and take a look around, though, one thing we've consistently seen has been people helping each other. Customers are showing support however they can, helpful emergency funds are on the way, and our fellow small business leaders are giving each other pointers about what is working for them.

In that spirit, we decided to add this blog to our website, and are calling it the Backwoods COVID-19 Survival Blog. It will live here at least until we're past this mess, and maybe beyond if people get a kick out of it. The hope is that by writing it we can add to the collaborative dialogue that strengthens our industry by giving people ideas to mull over, and in general just to give folks a little glimpse into how our business generally runs and specifically our plan for getting out of this tough situation

Here are the general topics you can expect from us:

  • Our immediate reaction to the news that 70% of our business went away overnight
  • A look at our plan to make it through, and some suggestions on how to make your own
  • Our philosophies about how we plan to measure "success" once we've made it to the other side of the pandemic crisis
  • Fun, morale boosting projects we took on specifically in response to our new situation
  • And, obviously, anything else we feel like writing about!

So grab your popcorn, and get ready to finally have the answer to that age-old question:

Do I really feel like learning how the sausage is made at my local small business?